The Techno-Ocean Network (TON) was established in the year 2000.TON is an organization created on the basis of a network that has been developed over many years by Techno-Ocean, an international convention on ocean science and technology held every two years since 1986.

It aims to build a comprehensive, cross-sectional network and partnership among industry, academia, and government officials involved in ocean-related science and technology, to contribute to the development of ocean science and technology and ocean industry and deepen the understanding of ocean science and technology among the general public. It also aims to contribute to the development of marine science and technology and the marine industry, and to deepen the public’s understanding of marine science and technology.

We have entered an era in which we have no choice but to look to the oceans for solutions for various global-level problems such as environmental, resource and energy issues. It is no exaggeration to say that the 21st century is the century that has been entrusted to the ocean.

How can we coexist and co-prosper with the ocean?
This is a question that industry, academia, and government officials involved in a wide range of diverse marine fields must consider together, deepen discussions, and tackle. In order to achieve this, it is important for all parties involved to deepen their understanding of each other, exchange and share information, and discuss issues from a broad perspective, transcending the boundaries of their respective fields of expertise and industries. As a forum for discussion of issues covering a wide range of fields, as a place for the exchange of information among people involved in a wide range of maritime fields, and as an organization involved in activities related to the development of the youth who will lead the next generation, we hope to develop the Society as a network of maritime professionals representing not only Japan but also the Asia-Pacific region.