Exhibitors List

Booth No.
Airmar Technology Corporation
Alec Electronics Co., Ltd.
AMCO Incorporated
Applied Microsystems Ltd.
ASL Environmental Sciences
Caley Ocean Systems Ltd.
Coastal Development Institute of Technology
CODAR Ocean Sensors Inc.
CRP Group Ltd.
Cubic-i Ltd.
Divex Asia Pacific Pty Ltd
Dynamics Technology, Inc.
Center for Marine Environmental Studies, Ehime University
EMS Co., Ltd.
Evologics GmbH
Falmat Inc.
Ferroperm Piezoceramics A/S
5th Regional Coast Guard Headquarters
Hawaii Ocean Science and Technology Industry
Hydro Group Plc
IHI Marine United Inc.
Impulse Corporation
Independent Administrative Institution Port and Airport Research Institute
International Transducer Corporation
Japan Agency for Marine- Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC)
Japan Association of Defense Industry
Japan Federation of Ocean Engineering Societies
Japan Hydrographic Association
Japan Oil, Gas and Metals National Corporation (JOGMEC)
Kawasaki Shipbuilding Corporation
KDDI R&D Laboratories Inc.
Port and Airport Department Kinki Regional Development Bureau, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport
Kobe University
Graduate School of Informatics, Kyoto University/System Intech Co., Ltd.
Marimex Japan K.K.
McLane Research Laboratories, Inc.
Miller Aquatic Technologies
National Maritime Research Institute (NMRI)
Naval Meteorology and Oceanography Command
Naval Undersea Warfare Center
NEC Corporation
Nichiyu Giken Kogyo Co., Ltd. (ngk ocean)
Department of Oceanic Architecture and Engineering, CST, Nihon University
Nishimatsu Construction Co., Ltd.
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
NYK Line
Obayashi Corporation
OCC Corporation/The Nippon Salvage Co., LTD/Kokusai Cable Ship Co., LTD
Office of Naval Research Global
Osaka Prefecture University
OYO Corporation
Port and Urban Projects Bureau, Kobe City Government
Q.I Incorporated
Quester Tangent
RBR Ltd.
SEA Corporation
Shipbuilding Research Centre of Japan
The Society of Marine Broad-band Project
The Society of Naval Architects of Japan, Ocean Engineering Committee
SPAWAR Systems Center
The Study Group of Aero Aqua Bio- Mechanisms
Sumitomo Ocean Development & Engineering Co., Ltd.
Technological Research Association of Super Marine Gas Turbine
Tenix LADS Corporation Pty Ltd.
3S Ocean Network Co., Ltd.
Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology
Toho Mercantile Co., Ltd.
TOYO Corporation
The Tsurumi-Seiki Co., Ltd. / Sippican, Inc. / D&A Instrument Company
Underwater Technology Research Center, Institute of Industrial Science, The University of Tokyo
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Yamaguchi University
YSI/Nanotech Inc.
Zevulun Marine Systems Ltd.
Zonge Engineering & Research Organization
Organizer's Booth
Booth No.
IEEE/Oceanic Engineering Society
Marine Technology Society
Techno-Ocean Network
OCEANS 2005 MTS/IEEE - Washington, DC, USA
Booth No.
Sea Technology magazine
Hydro International / GITC bv
Ocean News & Technology Magazine
The Japan Maritime Daily
International Ocean Systems

Exhibitor Information

Booth No. 25
Airmar Technology Corporation
35 Meadowbrook Drive, Milford, New Hampshire 03055, USA
John M. Bauchat
Phone: +1-603-673-9570
Fax: +1-603-673-4624
Email: jbauchat@airmar.com
Airmar Technology Corporation specializes in the design and manufacture of ultrasonic transducers for underwater and air-ranging applications. Typical applications are hydrographic survey, flow-sensing, velocity/speed logs, port security, side scan sonar, commercial fishing, and recreational fishing. Airmar works closely with echosounder OEMs to develop transducers so that systems achieve best possible performance in a cost effective manner.
Airmar selects piezoceramics to optimize transducer operation at a discrete frequency, or over a broad band of frequencies, without sacrificing sensitivity. For highly specialized hydrophone applications, Airmar also utilizes our proprietary PiezoFlex™ PVDF polymer.
Visit stand no. 25 to learn more about Airmar products.
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Booth No. 34
Alec Electronics Co., Ltd.
7-2-3, Ibukidai Higashi-machi, Nishi-ku, Kobe-shi, Hyogo 651-2242, Japan
Shoichiro Konashi
Phone: +81-78-997-8686
Fax: +81-78-997-8609
Email: konashi@yacht.ocn.ne.jp
Alec Electronics - An Oceanographic Instruments company dramatically reduced the size and the weight as well as the cost of the instruments. The faithful line-up of COMPACT Series leads you to the high-precision and the high-performance technology. Our new technology is honored as an asset of nation. Therefore, the COMPACT Series was awarded by Advanced Marine Science and Technology Society in May 2004 as the innovator. Please stop by our panoramic booth to touch the advanced equipment. We welcome you!
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Booth No. 100
AMCO Incorporated
4-8-7 iidabashi,Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0072, Japan
Scientific Instrument Department
Phone: +81-3-3265-4265
Fax: +81-3-3265-4332
Email: kagaku@amco.co.jp
AMCO Incorporated is an agency in Japan of Turnerdesigns and Fluid Imaging Technologies in USA.
Instruments to exhibit this time
The CYCLOPS-7 submersible fluorometer is designed for integration into multi-parameter platforms requiring a high performance, compact chlorophyll-sensor.
The Field Fluorometer is a rugged, field-portable instrument that can be set up for monitoring or discrete sample analyses.
The FlowCAM is a powerful continuous imaging particle flow cytometer ideal for monitoring of coastal waters, phytoplankton, and ballast water.
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Booth No. 18
Applied Microsystems Ltd.

2071 Malaview Avenue, Sidney, BC V8L 5X6, Canada
Robert Haydock
Phone: +1-250-656-0771
Fax: +1-250-655-3655
Email: sales@appliedmicrosystems.com
In the real world, water is never just H20. This simple premise is the foundation of Applied Microsystems, manufacturer of in-situ, real-time detection and measurement systems for water.
For 30 years, Applied Microsystems has manufactured sensors and systems to help measure water for oceanographic research, water treatment, environmental protection, marine survey, or even industrial process control.
Our sensors provide us with a unique ability to measure not just traditional water parameters - sound velocity, conductivity, pH, turbidity, temperature, and pressure - but also a wide variety of chemicals and hydrocarbons.
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Booth No. 37
ASL Environmental Sciences
1986 Mills Road, Sidney, B.C. V8L 5Y3, Canada
Colleen McQuade
: +1-250-656-0177
Fax: +1-250-656-2162
Email: cmcquade@aslenv.com
ASL Environmental Sciences specializes in physical oceanography. Our products include: the Ice Profiler- measures ice-keel depths; the Wave Profiler- measures non-directional wave height from the safety of the ocean floor; the Water Column Profiler- monitors the presence and location of zooplankton, fish or sediments; and the Open Channel ASFM Flow Meter- measures channel flow, direction, and depth for ports and harbours.
Consulting services include flow measurement, numerical modeling, wave measurement and analysis, sediment transport and ice studies. ASL also has a large lease pool of oceanographic instruments with related mooring design, deployment services and data processing.
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Booth No. 26
Caley Ocean Systems Ltd.
Mavor Avenue, East Kilbride, Glasgow G74 4PU, Scotland, UK
Phone: +44-1355-246-626
Fax: +44-1355-229-359
Email: info@caley.co.uk
Caley Ocean Systems Ltd has a worldwide reputation for the design and manufacture of: Davits; All-weather Rescue Boat Launch Systems; Winches; ROV/AUV Handling Systems; A-Frame Systems; Carousels; Cable, Umbilical & Pipe Laying Equipment; Boat Access Systems; and Engineering Systems
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Booth No.86
Coastal Development Institute of Technology
Sumitomo Hanzomon Building 6F 3-16 Hayabusa-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0092, Japan
Planning Department
Phone: +81-3-3234-5862
Fax: +81-3-3234-5877
Email: webmaster@cdit.or.jp
Coastal Development Institute of Technology disclosed the NEW COMEINS, i.e. New Coastal Oceanographic and Meteorological Information system, to introduce latest Internet system in April 2004. It gave rise to the system evolution, which is characterized by improvement of disaster prevention information system, as well as operation cost reduction. We shall present you visual demonstration of NEW COMEINS using Internet equipment.
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Booth No.56
CRP Group Ltd.
Stanley Way, Skelmersdale, Lancashire, United Kingdom
Mark Church
Phone: +44-1695-712000
Fax: +44-1695-712111
Email: mchurch@crpgroup.com
The CRP Group are a specialist designer and manufacturer providing surface and subsea buoyancy solutions. With over thirty years of experience behind them, CRP offer an extensive yet highly specialised service to the oil, gas, oceanographic industries.
Other Group divisions include:
CRP Balmoral Inc - a highly specialised, large scale, global manufacturing facility
Emerson & Cuming Composite Materials - an advanced materials manufacturer servicing the oceanographic, aerospace, defence and offshore sectors
OCP Cable Protection - leading designers and manufacturers of cable protection systems for the seismic and renewable energy sectors.
CRP is further supported by regional sales offices in the US, France and Norway and agency representation all over the world.
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Booth No.30
Cubic-i Ltd.
Bluebell bldg. 7F, 2-15-9 Nishi-Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-0031, Japan
Hidefumi Yatomi
Fax: +81-3-3779-5783
Email: argos@cubic-i.co.jp
Cubic-i Ltd. is providing ARGOS service for the Japanese users.
The ARGOS system is a data collection and location system dedicated for monitoring and conservation of environment. It is used in the various maritime applications such as data collection of ocean observation buoys or sub-surface floats, tracking and ecological investigation of marine animals like sea turtle, seal, dolphine, tuna, squid etc.
ARGOS is also used for Ship Security Alert System, ShipLoc. The ShipLoc SSAS provides you with not only the alert message in case of emergency, but also the regular reporting of the ship positions.
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Booth No.63
Divex Asia Pacific Pty Ltd
8A Sparks Road, Henderson , Western Australia 6166, Australia
Doug Austin
Fax: +61-8-9437-3299
Divex Asia Pacific will be exhibiting in co-operation with Seabotix Inc to present the versatile LBV remotely operated vehicle and it's ancillary sonar and tracking systems. The LBV is widely used in marine research, aquaculture and environmental roles. Divex will also be exhibiting its capability to provide a full range of military, commercial and scientific diving equipment.
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Booth No. 72
831 Industrial Blvd., Bryan, Texas 77803, USA
Dan Cobb
: +1-979-823-2690
Fax: +1-979-823-0947
Email: dcobb@dynacon.com
DYNACON, Inc. specializes in the design and manufacture of marine deck equipment
including winches, traction winch systems, A-Frames, motion compensated cranes, passive and active motion compensation systems, overboarding sheave, and hydraulic power units for many different applications inthe fields of marine research, offshore oil, fisheries, and military.
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Booth No. 22
Dynamics Technology, Inc.
1555 Wilson Blvd. Suite 703 Arlington, VA. 22209, United States of America
Marketing Department
: +1-703-841-0990
Fax: +1- 703-841-8395
Email: hzega@dynatec.com
Dynamics Technology, Inc. (DTI) is a world-class provider of advanced sonar & non-acoustic ASW; precision navigation systems; and coastal surveillance automated situation awareness systems. DTI's integrated expertise ranges from state-of-the-art simulators to full development of sensor and processing systems. For nearly 30 years, DTI has demonstrated world-class technical depth and breadth for dozens of government and commercial customers and continues to build on its foundation in advanced R&D services.
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Booth No. 4
Center for Marine Environmental Studies, Ehime University
Bunkyo-cho 2-5, Matsuyama, Ehime 790-8577, Japan
Yoshio Inouchi
Phone: +81-89-927-9674
Fax: +81-89-927-9674
Email: yinouchi@sci.ehime-u.ac.jp
Center for Marine Environmental Studies was established in 1999. The research focuses on the four basic fields of marine science: physics, chemistry, biology and geology. The close cooperation of the scientists makes it possible to promote an interdisciplinary and integrated approach to marine environment research, making the Center unique in Japan. In this presentation, environmental history of coastal areas in the Seto Inland Sea and recovering process of sand dredged areas are shown.
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Booth No. 73
EMS Co., Ltd.
Iwamotocho Kita Bldg., 5F
8-15, Iwamotocho, 1 Chome, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0032, Japan
Sales Dept.
Phone: +81-3-5820-0799
Fax: +81-3-5820-1728
Email: yamada@ems-ocean.com
We're the trading company of Oceanographic Instruments and are selling the grobal standard CTD system of Sea-Bird Electronics, Inc., and the Mo-Comp Crane with the most current technology by DYNACON, Inc., and other excellent instruments. In our booth, we will exhibit the autonomous monitoring system of temperature-salinity, using SBE37 MicroCAT (SBE) & Sea-Data Link (EMS). Up to now, long term mooring observation has been difficult due to serious biofauling problem. We could solve this problem by using SBE technologies. Beside of these products, we will exhibit MOCNESS (Multiple Opening/ Closing Net and Environmental Sampling System). Please visit us. We are looking forward to seeing you.
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Booth No. 16
Evologics GmbH
R&D Lab Bionik, Ackerstrasse 76, D-13355 Berlin, Germany
Dr. Rudolf Bannasch
Fax: +49-30-314-72658
Email: bannasch@evologics.de
The next generation of underwater modems. Let your marine systems benefit from the world's most advanced underwater telemetry. Revolutionary, biologically inspired Sweep-Spread-Carrier (S2C) technology provides an optimum of data transmission under virtually any conditions. Smart, adaptive performance-on-demand architecture, networking capability, built-in tracking and velocity measurement, and many other new features.
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Booth No. 53
Falmat Inc.
1873 Diamond Street San Marcos, CA 92078, USA
Shawn Amirehsani Sales & Marketing Manager
Phone: +1-760-471-5400
Fax: +1-760-471-4970
Email: shawn@falmat.com
Manufacturer of custom electrical, electro-mechanical and electro-optical cables for the oceanographic and geophysical applications including: ROV, magnetometer, diver, video, lighting, side-scan sonar, tow, transducer, fiber optic and seismic tow. A leading manufacturer of braided haired cable fairing. New products featured at the show: single and multi layered armored cables.
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Booth No. 29
Ferroperm Piezoceramics A/S
Hejreskovvej 18A, 3490 Kvistgaard, Denmark

Phone: +45-4912-7100
Fax: +45-4913-8188
Email: tw@ferroperm-piezo.com

In Ferroperm Piezoceramics A/S our mission is to provide high quality piezoceramic components for the professional user and assist our customers at the designing stage with a choice of the best material for the application. This is achieved by guiding our customers through the definition phase and by being flexible at the sample-manufacturing stage. In order to obtain the best quality vs. price ratio, our aim is to supply consistent high quality reliable products at fair and competitive prices. This strategy enables customers to optimize design and improve performance and production flow, thereby contributing to improved competitiveness on their markets.
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Booth No. 87
5th Regional Coast Guard Headquarters
1-1, hatoba-cho, Chuo-ku, Kobe-city, Hyougo, 650-8551 Japan

Hydrographic and Oceanographic Department 5th Regional Coast Guard Headquarters
Email: sodan5@jodc.go.jp

Japan Coast Guard (JCG) has been conducting various marine surveys and observations, and has been providing accurate latest information by publishing a Nautical charts and by other means. In this exhibition, We introduce the activities of the latest marine surveys and observations of JCG.
·[Airborne Laser Soundings ]
·[Long Range HF Ocean Radar observation to measure the ocean current ]
·[Seafloor geodetic observation (to detect the crustal movements) ]
· Continental Shelf Surveys project and others
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Booth No. 48
Phone: +81-3-3502-2912
Fax: +81-3-3502-2025
Email: fvgg5433@mb.infoweb.ne.jp
Since its establishment in 1990, The Floating Structures Association of Japan has been actively proposing ideas for various projects aiming effective use of the marine space expanse by using floating structures in the core.
In the near future, demand for urtra large floating structure is gojng to grow strongly in order to utilize efficiently the retainable nature energy such as solar, wind, wave and otec in stead of fossil fuel to reduce the warming exhaust gas.
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Booth No. 40
2-6 kandaizumi-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0024, JAPAN
Governmental Procurement and System Development Div.
Phone: +81-3-5687-0411
Fax: +81-3-5687-0381
FURUNO Electric CO., LTD., always brings benefit to the whole world through developing sophisticated industrial machineries and systems.
Acoustic measuring systems for maritime researches, traffic control systems for both maritime and onshore use, and avionic navigation systems: these are some of our contributions to the society.
We have combined our technical proficiencies in diverse fields: digital communications, ultrasound, data processing, plus kinematic/differential GPS. The sole purpose of our activities is to realize what the society desires. We are striving to establish flexible and competent apparatus for developing our products that could respond even to grand projects sponsored by national governments.
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Booth No. 11
3-1-1,Higashikuraji,Katano,Osaka 576-0061,JAPAN
Phone: +81-72-810-6551
Fax: +81-72-810-6552
Email: kitao_takashi@kanso.co.jp
- Reference Material for Nutrients in Seawater (RMNS) -
* Natural seawater base (there is not addition of poison)
* Multiple nutrients items in the identical bottle (about 100ml; nitrate,nitrite,silicate,phoshate)
* RMNS cover it from the low to high concentrations range in the Pacific Ocean
* RMNS effective as an index to detect quality control of long-term monitoring anda minute environmental change
* We can provide RMNS made of seawater which you supplied
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Booth No. 62
Hawaii Ocean Science and Technology Industry
DBEDT Ocean Resources Branch, PO Box 2359, Honolulu, HI 96804, USA
Elizabeth Corbin
Phone: +1-808-587-2690
Fax: +1-808-587-2777
Email: ecorbin@dbedt.hawaii.gov
Hawaii’s Ocean Science and Technology industry offers outstanding advantages for those looking for cutting-edge research, products and services. Hawaii is a leader in a wide variety of areas including ocean engineering, software development for cable laying and design, deep ocean water applications, remote sensing, ship design and ocean bottom surveying. Visit our on-line magazine at www.HawaiiOceanScience.org to learn how Hawaii’s powerful combination of natural, physical, and human resources are applied to virtually every ocean-related field and access our directory with links to almost 200 Hawaii companies doing business in a growing industry worth more than $140 million in annual revenues.
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Booth No. 84
Hydro Group Plc
Hydro House, Woodside Road, Bridge of Don, AB23 8EF, Scotland, United Kingdom
Mark Harris (Asia Pacific Sales Director)
Phone: UK +44-1224-822996, Perth +61-8-9480-3710
Fax: UK +44-1224-825142, Perth +61-8-9481-3177
Email: mharris@hydrohouse.co.uk

The Hydro Group Plc is a Scottish group of companies specialising in the design, manufacture and qualification of specialist underwater and harsh environment electrical, coaxial and fibre optic connection systems.
We supply and support the Defence, Oceanographic, Energy, Renewable Energy, Fisheries and other Marine Industries

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Booth No. 75
IHI Marine United Inc.
22-23,Kaigan 3-Chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0022, Japan
Offshore & Marine Business Development Dept.
Phone: +81-3-3454-8814
Fax: +81-3-3454-8767
Email: webmaster@ihimu.ihi.co.jp
In 21st century, protection of the environment is the paramount importance for human beings. IHI Marine United (IHIMU) contributes the industry using its cutting edge technology. IHIMU features the products for LNG chain including LNG FPSO, FSRU and GBS terminal with its proprietary SPB technology. IHIMU also features environment friendly power generation system such as Floating Offshore Wind Power System, and advaced ship control technology such as Automatic Mooring and Discharge System.
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Booth No. 98
Impulse Corporation
1340-35, Ohmuro, Kashiwa City, Chiba-ken 277-0813, Japan
Kazuo Endo
Phone: +81-47-133-5433
Fax: +81-47-134-9483
Email: kazendo@j-impulse.co.jp
Exclusive Distributor in Japan for"Impulse Enterprise". Impulse Enterprise is now a world leader in the desing and manufacture of electrical and optical interconnection systems for a wide range of harsh environments. IE's products and servies include; Thermoset Glass Reinforced Epoxy, Rubber Molded, Rubber Molded Metal Shell, Polyurethane Molded, Metal Shell, Pressure Balanced Oil Filled, Magnetically Operated Proximity Switches, Cable termination, Custom breakouts, Custom Connector Design and Fabrication, and others. www.impulse-ent.com
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Booth No. 19
Independent Administrative Institution Port and Airport Research Institute
3-1-1,Nagase,Yokosuka 239-0826, Japan
Research Planning and Administration Department, Planning Division, Yoshihiro Satoh
Phone: +81-46-844-5040
Fax: +81-46-844-5072
Email: satoh-y83ah@pari.go.jp
The Port and Airpot Research Insutitute(PARI) conducts research and investigations over a broad range,covering the development of ports,coast and airports as well as environmental conservation and disaster prevention along coastlines.
Major ongoing research projects at PARI are explained in OTO'04 Exhibition.
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Booth No. 61
International Transducer Corporation
869 Ward Drive, Santa Barbara, CA 93111, USA
Lou Izzo, Business Development Manager
+1-805-683-2575 ext.521
Fax: +1- 805-967-8199
Email: izzo-itc@channeltech.com
Since its establishment in 1966, ITC has gained a reputation for being a leader in the design and manufacture of acoustic transducers. Our products are used for ship and submarine sonar, oceanographic, survey, seismic exploration, marine research, medical devices and proximity sensing. ITC transducers are used in defense, communication, navigation control and information gathering applications. They are integral to many advanced sonar systems, position determining systems and data telemetry devices. ITC has designed and manufactured over 5000 models ranging from custom built, one-of-a-kind transducers to long term, high volume products.
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Booth No. 70
8F Shinjuku I-Land Tower, 6-5-1 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 163-1378 Japan

Special Product Marketing Group
Phone: +81-3-5322-1706
Fax: +81-3-5322-1715
Email: hmasuya@internix.co.jp

Wilson Greatbatch(WG)'s lithium primary batteries have the high performance and the large capacity, because of their highest enery density. WG's batteries have been used in many marine applications all over the world.
The battery's lineup have AA to DD in size and we can also build the battery pack for your required voltage and capacity. We can offer the best power source you need.
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Booth No. 104
France : 55 Avenue Auguste Renoir, 78160 Marly Le Roi
Singapore : 53 Ubi Ave 1, Paya Ubi Industrial Park, Singapore 408934
Japan Representative : Ocean Wings Corp,
Wilbert De Groot (Ixsea), Hiroshi Ozawa (Ocean Wings)
Singapore : +65-67474912
Fax: Singapore : +65-67474913
Email: wgr@ixsea.com; hiroshi_ozawa@oceanwings.jp
Ixsea is a high technology company, and world leader in marine and underwater solutions for research, defense and offshore industry.
With over 30 years experience in key technologies (Fibre Optic Gyroscopes, underwater acoustics, magnetic resonance, imagery data logging), Ixsea aims at inventing and offering solutions that improve productivity at work for users while remaining easy to use.
Ixsea is an ISO9001 certified company with approvals from established bureau and classification societies. Our Products include, OCTANS, a survey-grade IMO certified Fiber Optic Gyrocompass with integrated motion sensor, PHINS Inertial navigation system, GAPS a portable calibration free USBL system, POSIDONIA long range USBL system, MAGIS marine magnetometer, Delph Seismic Software and whole range of Acoustic Releases.
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Booth No. 1
Japan Agency for Marine- Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC)
2-15 Natsushima-cho, Yokosuka, Kanagawa 237-0061, Japan
Public Relations Division Administration Department
Phone: +81-46-866-3811
Fax: +81-46-867-9025
Email: PR@jamstec.go.jp
On 1st April 2004, the Japan Marine Science and Technology Center, which was established in 1971, was reorganized as an independent administrative institution and renamed the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Scince and Technology(JAMSTEC) .
JAMSTEC has researched and developed various research observation systems and carried out researches about science of the ocean and the earth.
JAMSTEC exhibits the latest research observation systems and research results.
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Booth No. 43
Japan Association of Defense Industry
Redondo Bld. 2-21-3,Akasaka,Minato-ku,Tokyo 107-0052, Japan
General Manager Yasuo KUWAHARA, Business Dept.
Phone: +81-3-3584-6755
Fax: +81-3-3584-7363
Email: kuwahara@jadi.or.jp
The Japan Association of Defense Industry(JADI) is a non-profit organization in coroporated in 1988 as a legal entity for public benefit and sanctioned by the Japanese Government(METI and JDA).
The object of the Association is to contribute to the establishment of the comprehensive foundation for national defense by upgrading industrial activity as well as by endeavoring to modernize the defense equipment.
At present 163 domestic firms are registered with the Association.
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Booth No. 7
Japan Federation of Ocean Engineering Societies
1-1-17-401 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0052, Japan
C/O Japan International Marine Science and Technology Federation
Phone: +81-3-5114-8773
Fax: +81-3-5114-8774
Email: BCH12633@nifty.com
Under these considerations, eight societies related to ocean engineering agreed to cooperate with each other and established the Japan Federation of Ocean Engineering Societies of 1988. The current aims of this society are: to provide a mechanism for cooperation; to exchange ocean engineering related information; to conduct ocean engineering - related international conference; and to hold ocean engineering panels twice a year.
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Booth No. 47
Japan Hydrographic Association
Tsukiji HamarikyuBuilding 8F 5-3-3,Tsukiji,Chuo-ku,Tokyo 104-0045, Japan
Marine Information Research Center
Phone: +81-3-3248-6668
Fax: +81-3-3248-6661
Email: mirc@mirc.jha.jp
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Booth No. 94
3-8-15, Kaigan, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-8432, Japan
Technology Research Dept.
Phone: +81-3-3457-9815
Fax: +81-3-3457-9820
Email: ikenoue@kokusou.co.jp
Biodegradable board drain "LACT-Board method"
The technical development of an eco-friendly foundation improvement method of construction was promoted. Consequently, research and development in the parent environment type drainage material which will raw-decompose by the microbe in the future, and returns to the ground was done.
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Booth No. 101
Japan Oil, Gas and Metals National Corporation (JOGMEC)
1310 Omiya-cho, Saiwai-ku, Kawasaki, Kanagawa 212-8554, Japan
Deep-sea Mineral Exploration & Technology Team, Metals Research & Development Group
Phone: +81-44-520-8688
Fax: +81-44-520-8730
Deep-sea mineral exploration activities by the Japan Oil, Gas and Metals National Corporation (JOGMEC)
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Booth No. 67
3-1-5, Sakae-cho, Hamura-shi, TOKYO 205-8607, JAPAN
Management Planning Division
Phone: +81-42-555-6080
Fax: +81-42-579-5171
Email: info@sonic.kaijo.co.jp

KAIJO SONIC Groupe provide ultrasonic unique sensors for probing the natural world based on our ultrasonic core technology.
Total solutions are our aim when we refine our ultrasonic technology, and apply our World No.1 product lines to products in our four business lines of meteorological, industrial, oceanographical and fisheries equipments.
Main Exhibits
-USW-300 Ultrasonic Directional Wave Meter
-Oceanographic Observation System
-Skeleton Core Buoy

-> Exhibitors List
Booth No. 82
2-17-3, Kasumigaseki-kita, Kawagoe, Saitama 350-1109, JAPAN
Taichi Kawakami
Phone: +81-492-33-3025
Fax: +81-492-33-3043
Email: kaiyodnc@po.iijnet.or.jp
Our company is performing research, development, and manufacture centering on marine research apparatus.
The main products are the Small Acoustic Transponders used for earthquake observation, submarine temperature measurement, and etc.
An Acoustic Transponder can be used as a data-communications system and also it is effective as SSBL and LBL systems.
Many pressure cases are made from titanium alloy and we can supply Φ500, Φ650 spherical titanium pressure cases.
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Booth No. 91
Phone: +81-6-6536-3311
Fax: +81-6-6536-7800
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Booth No. 17
Kawasaki Shipbuilding Corporation
World Trade Center Bldg., 4-1, Hamamatsu-cho. 2-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-6116, JAPAN
Coordinating Department, Marketing & Sales Division
Phone: +81-3-3435-2907
Fax: +81-3-3436-3038
-> Exhibitors List
Booth No. 107
KDDI R&D Laboratories Inc.
2-1-15 Ohara Kamifukuoka-shi Saitama, 356-8502, JAPAN

Junichi Kojima
Phone: +81-49-278-7843
Fax: +81-49-278-7839
Email: kojima@kddilabs.jp

The role of the underwater acoustics in marine environment is introduced in our products. We will display verious products; acoustic data link system, acoustic positioning system, transponder, pinger, transducers. Moreover, exhibition of an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle(AUV) equipped with our products and the demonstration of image transmission by high-speed acoustic data link are also performed.
Our company exhibits jointly with SYSTEM GIKEN Ltd. that develops these acoustic products.
-> Exhibitors List
Booth No. 68
Port and Airport Department Kinki Regional Development Bureau, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport
Kobe Chiho Godochosha, 29, Kaigandori, Chuoh-ku, Kobe, Hyougo 650-0024, JAPAN
Port Planning Division
Phone: +81-78-391-3102
Fax: +81-78-325-8288
Email: nakahira-h86s3@pa.kkr.mlit.go.jp
-> Exhibitors List
Booth No. 54
Shinko Building 10-26 Wakinohamacho 2-chome Chuo-ku, Kobe, Hyogo 651-8585, Japan
General Administration Department Kobe Project Group Tomoo Inoue
Fax: +81-78-261-4099
Email: tom-inoue@kobelco.jp
1.Ambient Air Polution Monitoring System
This system works to identfy ambient air polution source and suports to take measure to meet environmental preservation. Also this has functions needed forenvironmental administration.
2.Image Diagnosis of Plants by NIR remote sensing
Earth environment is getting worse. On the other hand, Forest has a functon of enviroment preservation.
This system diagnoses healthiness of plants biologicaly by analyzing near infrared spectrums emitted from plants.
3.Wireless Communication System
(1)18GHz Wireless NetWork System(AirThrough18G)
(2)Wireless Free Access(WFA)
Two types of wireless communication sysytems are presented.
One is wireless access sysytem of 18GHz band "Air Through 18G" and another is wireless free access sysytem "WFA".
-> Exhibitors List
Booth No. 51
Kobe University
1-1, Rokkou-dai, Higashinada, Kobe 657-8501, JAPAN
Office for Innovation Supports and Center for Innovation and Creativity, Kobe University
Phone: +81-78-803-5945
Fax: +81-78-803-5947
Email: ccrd3@ofc.kobe-u.ac.jp
We exhibit some panels related to the innovation support center in Kobe University. Especially,some seeds for maritime sciences research area are focused on to progress the collaboration with companies. Please come and see ous.
-> Exhibitors List
Booth No. 77
29-15,Chuo 1-chome,Nakano-ku TOKYO 164-8650,JAPAN
International Division
Phone: +81-3-3366-3120
Fax: +81-3-3366-5590
Email: id-eigyo@koken-boring.co.jp
KOKEN Submersible Core Drill (MARINE DRILL) is now working actively in the field of marine civil work and geological survey for the exploitation of mineral resources of the sea bottom.
It provides geological data of the sea bottom easily and economically of which working cost was very expensive and hard to obtain soil or rock samples in the past.
-> Exhibitors List
Booth No. 105
7F Itopia Uchikanda Building, 2-1-14, Uchikanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0047, Japan
Marine System
Phone: +81-3-3253-3161
Fax: +81-3-3253-3166
Email: rov@kwk.co.jp
KOWA CORPORATION design & produce both micro ROV and ROV for deep sea. We produce various underwater equipments such as Underwater Camera, Digital Camera for deep sea, Lamp, Actuator, Cutter, Creature absorption system, etc. We develop new products and special exclusive equipment at our customer's demand and also undertake various underwater investigation by our ROV. We sell sonar equipments made by Imagenex, Canada, and make investigation, too. We keep challenging to limitless possibility.
-> Exhibitors List
Booth No. 28
Graduate School of Informatics, Kyoto University/System Intech Co., Ltd.
Yoshida Hommachi, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto 606-8501, Japan
Frontier Research Center(T-FORCE) Tokai University 20-1,Orido3,Shimizu,Shizuoka 424-8610, Japan

Nobuaki Arai
Phone: +81-75-753-3130
Fax: +81-75-753-3133
Email: arai@i.kyoto-u.ac.jp
R&D Center Tomio Shinke
Phone: +81-543-34-5022
Fax: +81-543-34-5022
Email: shinke@sit.co.jp

We introduce our research activities including sea turtle tracking, dugong acoustic survey and Mekong giant catfish tracking in Thailand. We display materials for the research, pictures, videos and our recent results.
-> Exhibitors List
Booth No. 36
Marimex Japan K.K.
7A Daisan Yoshino Bldg., 6-9-12, Nishi-Kasai, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo 134-0088, Japan
Phone: +81-3-5674-5527
Fax: +81-3-5674-5538
Email: mjkid@marimex.co.jp
Exhibit latest survey/observation equipment such as EdgeTech DT-1 Deep Tow Full Spectrum SSS/SBP, Coda Data Aquisition/Processing Unit, Kongsberg Mesotech MS2000 Multi Scan Sonar and MS1000 Scanning Sonar, TSS Cable/Pipeline Tracking System, Kongsberg Maritime U/W TV Camera, Birns U/W Light & Connectors.
-> Exhibitors List
Booth No. 8
C-11 Shiozawako-Nomura, Karuizawa, Nagano Pref 389-0111, Japan
Kazuyuki Ouchi
Phone: +81-267-44-6080
Fax: +81-267-44-6090
Email: ouchi@athena.ocn.ne.jp
TAKUMI, the Ocean Nutrient Enhancer, is introduced.
TAKUMI is a new concept floating divice which rises nutrient rich Deep Ocean Water and discharge it into a euphotic layer to enhance primary productions and fish productions in the sea. Since July 2003, at Sagami Bay, TAKUMI is continueously rising and discharging Deep Ocean Water in the rate of 100,000m3/day from 205m depth , via the riser pipe of 1m diameter.
The development is conducted by 10 private companies of MARINO-FORUM21members, Ouchi Ocean Consultant, IHI Marine United, JFE Engineering., System Intec, MOL Techno-Trade, Zenilite Buoy, Toa Corp., Nakashima Propeller, Japan Radio Corp., and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries,.
-> Exhibitors List
Booth No. 10
2-10-5, Ryougoku, Sumida-ku, Tokyo 130-8531, Japan
Shouji Komera of Tokyo Marketing Office
Phone: +81-3-3846-7121
Fax: +81-3-3846-7126
· The conduit reinforced by SUS tape for the inside pressure.
· The Pipe's wight can be adjusted properly accoding to the depth of water.
· With high coefficient of flow,without increasing of scale for maintaining the distinctive quality of flow for long period.
· High flexibility can make the pipe buried to the any shape of the bed to construct the most economical pipe line.
· A long piece of pipe with no joint-work in water will present reliable pipe line in shorter period.
-> Exhibitors List
Booth No. 23
Miller Aquatic Technologies

-> Exhibitors List
Booth No. 59
1-1, Wadasaki-cho 1-chome, Hyogo-ku, Kobe 652-8585, Japan
Submarine Dept.
Fax: +81-78-672-5059
Email: yoshitaka_ikawa@mhi.co.jp
We MHI contribute to enriching peoples’ lives with our cutting-edge technology.
MHI’s businesses are classified into five business segments as follows: shipbuilding & ocean development, power systems, machinery & steel structures, aerospace and mass and medium-lot manufactured machinery.
We will exhibit you some panels and samples related to Ocean engineering such as the fuel cell stack of the Deep and Long Cruising AUV ’URASHIMA’, a new watertight structure ’City Barrier’ which is consists of flexible membrane, a trailing suction hopper dredger for SCA (Suez canal authority) which is the largest dredger ever build in Japan and Mitsubishi Motion Suppression Board ’MS board’.
-> Exhibitors List
Booth No. 39
6-4, Tsukiji 5-chome, chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-8439, Japan
Public Relations Department
Phone: +81-3-3544-3147
Fax: +81-3-3544-3464
Email: kayota@mes.co.jp
We will exhibit our NGH (Natural Gas Hydrate) technology and underwater technology concerning ROVs & AUVs.
NGH is crystalline substance of natural gas and water under a certain condition of pressure and temperature, and has been focused as a low cost and safety transportation technology for natural gas. MES is proceeding with development of each system, such as produce, storage, transportation and re-gasfication, aiming to establish the chain of natural gas.
-> Exhibitors List
Booth No. 65
688-1 Joto-Kitagata,Okayama 700-8691, Japan
New Project Group
Phone: +81-86-279-5111
Fax: +81-86-279-3107
Email: npcwebmaster@nakashima.co.jp
The water quality is being deteriorated in the world-wide enclosed waterways, with nutritive substances increased and red tide etc.
While the surface water layer is at higher temperature and of lower density;the bottom water layer is at lower temperature and higher density,where in summer time, oxygen-lacking water lumps will be stagnant due to insufficient oxygen supply,to be a problem.
The density current generator is an innovative system to artificially remove the oxygen-lacking lumps and supplying the layer with oxygen,by spraying out horizontally the mixed water made from the two different layers,called density current.
-> Exhibitors List
Booth No. 49
National Maritime Research Institute (NMRI)
6-38-1 Shinkawa, Mitaka, Tokyo 181-0004 JAPAN
Research Information Center
Phone: +81-422-41-3005
Fax: +81-422-41-3247
Email: info@nmri.go.jp
-> Exhibitors List
Booth No. 44
Naval Meteorology and Oceanography Command
1100 Balch Blvd., Stennis Space Center, MS 39529-5005, USA
Public Affairs Office
Phone: +1-228-688-4188
Email: pao@cnmoc.navy.mil
The Naval Meteorology and Oceanography Command is comprised of military and civilian personnel located worldwide. The command provides oceanographic, meteorological and geospatial information and services to operating defense forces.
-> Exhibitors List
Booth No. 24
Naval Undersea Warfare Center
1176 Howell Street, Newport, Rhode Island, 02841, USA
Pamela Raposa, IR&D Program Manager
Phone: +1-401-832-1152
Fax: +1-401-832-1725
Email: RaposaPJ@Npt.NUWC.Navy.mil
Naval Undersea Warfare Center (NUWC), part of the U.S. Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA), provides full-spectrum support for all aspects of undersea warfare for surface ships and submarines. We are the preeminent U.S. Navy resource for sonars, torpedoes, undersea warfare combat systems, and undersea ranges with unique in-house responsibilities and capabilities, providing innovative USW solutions for the U.S. Navy of today and tomorrow.
-> Exhibitors List
Booth No. 64
NEC Corporation
Aerospace and Defense Business Planning Division
Phone: +81-42-333-5586
Fax: +81-42-333-5549
Email: exh@oto2004.jp.nec.com
NEC contributes to society in various fields from the space to the deep ocean through its superior technologies of sensors, communications, computers and information processing.
We will introduce you various solutions related to Oceans and Information such as Sensor Technology for Oceanographic Observation, Network Technology for deep sea condition, and Marine Environment Prediction Technology which are useful for disaster prevention in the ocean and environmental conservation.
Please visit our booth and feel Ocean is always with you.
-> Exhibitors List
Booth No. 76
Nichiyu Giken Kogyo Co., Ltd. (ngk ocean)
No.3 Takamura Bldg. 2-22-1 Minami-Ikebukuro, Toshima, Tokyo 171-0022, Japan
Advanced Development Dept. (Ocean Business Gr.)
Phone: +81-3-3986-5222
Fax: +81-3-3983-6537
Email: ocean-g@nichigi.co.jp
Acoustic Release, Under-water winch, Water Sampler, Sediment Trap..

Call us "ngk ocean". "ngk ocean" developed various observation apparatuses through our composite technology (acoustics, robotics, mechanics and unique acutuator(Gas Generator)) since 1980. At OTO2004, we exhibit our typical ocean apparatuses; releasers, portable time-series trap and under-water winch system. Please call round at our booth.

-> Exhibitors List
Booth No.3
Department of Oceanic Architecture and Engineering, CST, Nihon University
7-24-1 Narashinodai, Funabasi-shi, Chiba 274-8501, Japan
Tomoki Ikoma
Phone: +81-47-469-5482
Fax: +81-47-469-5482
Email: ikoma@ocean.cst.nihon-u.ac.jp
Our research area is from waterfront to offshore sea. Planning of waterfront including landscape design, a computer simulation of ocean environment, a restoration technology for ocean environment and a design of offshore structures are studied to apply and to manage them or for advanced utilization of ocean space. The research areas with some examples and the education are introduced. Our department that tackles with the study of ocean engineering based on architectural engineering is unique.
-> Exhibitors List
Booth No. 92
Nishimatsu Construction Co., Ltd.
20-10,Toranomon 1-chome,Minato-ku,Tokyo 105-8401, Japan
Engineering Planning & Management Division
Phone: +81-3-3502-0377
Fax: +81-3-3502-7576
Nishimatsu Construction is promoting the reseach and technical development about maritime technology, including protection and environmental preservation of a seashore resion.
" The Wave Trapping Artificial Reef" is an artificial leaf developed newly, and is contributed to protection of a seashore resion, and environmental preservation economically and effectively compared with a former one.
-> Exhibitors List
Booth No.45
1-17-14 Oyodo-naka, kita-ku, Osaka city 531-0076, Japan
Osaka Branch Industrial Machinery Group Kazuhiko Shigeno
Phone: +81-6-6453-0627
Fax: +81-6-6453-4533
We present some of top market shared manufacturers in ROV maraket. We feature SCHILLING ROBOTICS, a leading company in manipurators industries. We will show their "CONAN" and "RIG MASTER" manipurators, ideal for harsh environment, as well as their favulous Remote System Engine electric products with epoch-making new technology.Their"TITANIII"manipurators which are used for Sinkai 6500 manned vechicle and new "QUEST" electric ROV are also eye-catcher. We also exhibit the other excellent companies.
-> Exhibitors List
Booth No. 20
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
1305 East West Highway, SSMC 4, Rm 13314-N/MB61, Silver Spring, MD 20910, USA
Bill Zahner, External Affairs
Phone: +1-301-713-3060 ext. 176
Fax: +1-301-713-1213
Email: bill.zahner@noaa.gov
NOAA helps manage the 95,000 miles of US coastline by working to balance our use of coastal and ocean resources with the need to protect, preserve, and restore them. NOAA responds to oil spills, generates the nation’s nautical charts and tide and water level data, and provides the baseline geodetic data for mapping and surveying.
NOAA operates the satellites and manages the processing and distribution of data and images these satellites produce daily. NOAA uses the satellite data to create forecasts for television, radio, and weather advisory services.
-> Exhibitors List
Booth No. 34
Vangkroken 2, 1351 Rud, Norway.
Shoichiro Konashi
Phone: +81-78-997-8686
Fax: +81-78-997-8609
Email: konashi@yacht.ocn.ne.jp
NORTEK is an acoustic technology company famous for the Doppler Current Meter. There are the reliable products upon a usage of the end-users from the laboratory to the deep sea measurement. The AWAC has TWO functions in one unit; which they are a current profiler, a wave height and directional system gets boomed among the oceanographic observer as the new model. We are at right in front of the main entrance with Alec Electronics, that they are our agency in Japan. With your visit, you can see how they are fit for your study! Let’s see you there!
-> Exhibitors List
Booth No. 14
Sumitomo Fudosan Iidabashi Bldg. No. 3 7thFL.,13-1,
Nishigoken-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 162-0812, Japan
The second Sales and Marketing Group, Public Business Unit, Public Business Sector
Phone: +81-3-5206-7812
Fax: +81-3-5206-7833
Email: nakamuras@nttdata.co.jp kawakamiysa@nttdata.co.jp
"Insight for the New Paradigm"
NTT DATA's mission is to be a Value Creator in the information network society.
By using information technology to their strategic advantage, we create new value for citizens,enterprises and the new society. In this exhibition, we demonstrate the typical solutions and systems as follows.
· "Geo contents®":Providing the Geographic information contents from the multi source of satellite imagery.
· "cell computing®":Virtual supercomputer based on grid technology
-> Exhibitors List
Booth No. 66
NYK Line
3-2, Marunouchi 2-Chome, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0005, Japan
Mr. Kenji Tamura Technical Strategy Group, Monohakobi Technology Institute
Phone: +81-3-5222-7654
Fax: +81-3-5222-7680
We present several technologies for ecology, such as safety, efficiency and saving of marine environment.Technologies show its true value only by used in actual operating field. Unique products such as simulators,safety allarm system and so on are presented from view of following points;
A. Safety - Technology to prevent accidents
B. Efficiency - Technology to present efficiency of vessel operation
C. Keep marine environment - Technology to minimize water caused by vessel operation.
-> Exhibitors List
Booth No. 58
Obayashi Corporation
4-4-17,Kanou-cho,Chuou-ku,Kobe 650-0001, Japan
Kobe Branch Sales Department No.2
Phone: +81-78-322-4412
Fax: +81-78-322-4413
Email: webmaster@obayashi.co.jp
Obayashi Corporation has promoted technical development to contribute to environmental protection and has been going ahead vigorously with corporate activities in fields that can help the enterprise to develop while contributing to the creation of sustainable society. We introduce some measures for the technical development and construction technology in these solutions. We are sure that our technical power and actual result become the accumulation to the concept of natural environmental reproduction, which will become a matter of course in the near future.
-> Exhibitors List
Booth No. 31
OCC Corporation/The Nippon Salvage Co., LTD/Kokusai Cable Ship Co., LTD
Queen's Tower C 15F 2-3-5 MinatoMirai,Nishi-ku, Yokohama 220-6633, Japan
Submarine Business Unit
Phone: +81-45-330-6633
Fax: +81-45-330-6636
Email: shirani@occ.ne.jp
OCC Corporation (OCC) has applied expertise gained from producing more than 120,000 km of cable since 1935 to oceanographic monitoring systems design.
OCC will introduce ‘Real Time Seismic Cable System’ (RSCS), developed in cooperation with Nippon Salvage Co. Ltd. Using OCC developed technologies provide reduced production costs without compromising dependability.
A field-trial conducted with Kokusai Cable Ship Co. Ltd. has successfully confirmed the deployment and acoustic coupling of this design to the seabed.
RSCS provides significant cost reductions for undersea seismic systems and seabed composition sounding surveys. Please visit our booth to see a working system and for more details.
-> Exhibitors List
Booth No. 21
Office of Naval Research Global
c/o 800 N. Quincy Street, Rm.1219, Arlington, VA 22217, United States
Dave Jazdyk
Fax: +1-703-696- 0738
Email: jazdykd@onrasia.navy.mil
The Office of Naval Research Global (ONRG) is composed of scientists and engineers who are committed to working with academia and the private sector around the world to foster cooperation in areas of mutual interest and to bring the full range of possibilities to the Navy and Marine Corps. The ONR Global staff is active in a broad spectrum of disciplines relevant to Naval interests including: oceans and atmospheric science, navigation and seabased logisitics, information technology, joint communications, language translation, materials science, sensors, nonlethal weaponry, biosciences, human factors, and battlefield medicine.
-> Exhibitors List
Booth No. 27
Before conference: Alia Sherif During conference: Bernie Poplack
: +1-416-661-5904 ext. 400
Fax: +1-416-661-4168
Email: Before conference: alias@optech.on.ca
Email: During confernce: berniep@optech.on.ca
Optech Incorporated is the global market leader in the development, manufacture and support of advanced laser-based surveying, mapping and imaging instruments. Optech’s SHOALS-1000T, the world's smallest, fastest and most accurate airborne laser bathymeter, is a complete littoral zone mapping solution, offering area coverage rates as high as 70 km2 per hour. Optech is comprised of five major divisions: Laser Imaging, Space and Atmospheric, Marine Survey, Industrial Products, and Terrestrial Survey. Each division represents a specialty, but all five share a common mission — to design and manufacture state-of-the-art precision measurement instruments that utilize lidar (light detection and ranging).
-> Exhibitors List
Booth No. 71
Osaka Prefecture University
1-1 Gakuen-cho, Sakai , Osaka 599-8531, Japan
Dept of Marine System Eng , Graduate School of Eng
Phone: +81-72-254-9914
Fax: +81-72-254-9914
Email: tsubogo@marine.osakafu-u.ac.jp
The Department of Marine System Engineering focuses its activity on ocean environment, human activity, and their integrated system as a principal part of the Earth System. The Department offers advanced education and research programs concerning marine system planning, marine transportation, marine space utilization, marine resource development and marine environment, on the basis of hydrodynamics, structural engineering, computer science and systems engineering.
This booth shows our research fields , their recent results and developments.
-> Exhibitors List
Booth No. 78
OYO Corporation
4-2-6 Kudan-Kita, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 102-0073, Japan
Ocean Instruments Group
Phone: +81-298-51-6621
Fax: +81-298-51-7290
Email: nakanishi-junich@oyonet.oyo.co.jp
OYO Corporation is one of the leading engineering companies to carry out geophysical and geotechnical services for various applications in airports, harbors, and environmental studies in Japan. Our Instruments Division has a mission to supply and imports various products required for Japanese market.
We are displaying the latest model of the side scan sonar from Klein Associates, Inc.,Ocean Bottom Cable for earthquake monitoring from OYO Geospace, towing type Cesium magnetometer from Geometrics, and our own designed soil sampler for ocean sedimentwith some interesting posters.
Come see us at our booths and brows what you need in our company.
-> Exhibitors List
Booth No. 93
2-8 Koraku 2-chome, Bunkyo-ku Tokyo 112-8576, Japan
Public Relations Division
Phone: +81-3-3817-7550
Fax: +81-3-3814-2864
Email: Prd@mail.penta-ocean.co.jp
Our company has huge experiences in ocean-civil engineering field, such as dredging, reclamation, port facilities, etc. in Japan and overseas like the dredging of Suez Canal.
Through cultivated expertise, our company establishes high profile technical know-how introducing measures in minimizing environmental impact as follows:
1.Clay Guard Method:a watertight technique confining dredged hazardous materials like heavy material at final disposal plant.
2. Environmental Dredging Method(END Method):a technique minimizing spread of silt materials and over excavation, normally occurs during the dredging operation.
3.High Hydraulic Mud Granulation Solidification Method:a technique that solidifies dredged soil with high water content for recycling.
-> Exhibitors List
Booth No. 102
Port and Urban Projects Bureau, Kobe City Government
6-5-1,Kano-Cho,Chuo-Ku,Kobe 650-8570, Japan
Planning Division,Engineering Headquarters
Phone: +81-78-322-5678
Fax: +81-78-322-6127
Port and Urban Projects Bureau has been performing maintenance on the Port and the industrial complexes in response to achieve a better and more comfortable life for the people of Kobe.
Construction of the Kobe Airport is progressing towards its opening in fiscal 2005. In addition, port and urban facilities are being developed on Port Island 2nd Stage to meet the needs of this new age of information and globalization.
In this exhibition, we will introduce the Kobe Airport and other projects that we are currently working on.
-> Exhibitors List
Booth No. 55
Q.I Incorporated
2-4-7, Fukuura, Kanazawa-ku, Yokohama 236-0004, Japan
Sales Department
Phone: +81-45-790-3206
Fax: +81-45-701-1066
Email: imd@qi-inc.com
Q.I Inc. is a leading company which manufacture, design, supply underwater TV camera systems, ROV, the video image processing.
Q.I Inc. is a certified manufacturer according to ISO 9001&ISO14001, which specifies generic requirements for a quality system with the widest scope of application for design, development, manufacture and servicing.
-> Exhibitors List
Booth No. 38
Quester Tangent
201-9865 West Saanich Road, Sidney, British Columbia, V8L 5Y8, Canada
Chris Elliott
Phone: +1-250-656-6677
Fax: +1-250-655-4696
Email: celliott@questertangent.com
Quester Tangent has been actively developing marine technology since 1983 and has spent more than $5 million on research and development in the past 5 years. Quester Tangent's technology uses the information in an acoustic signal to provide accurate, repeatable and unambiguous classification of the sea floor. Dedication to this technology has led to the development of an unparalleled suite of acoustic seabed classification products and services with a broad range of applications used in more than 30 countries. The technology includes products for classification of data acquired by single beam, multibeam and sidescan sonars. Data processing services are provided.
-> Exhibitors List
Booth No. 85
RBR Ltd.
27 Monk Street, Ottawa, ON, Canada
Mr. Bart Geleynse
Phone: +1-613-233-1621
Fax: +1-613-233-4100
Email: info@rbr-global.com
Since 1976, RBR Ltd. Has been manufacturing high precision instruments for oceanographic, freshwater, groundwater, and cryospheric research. Our Current product line includes submersible data loggers for CTD and other sensors, thermistor chains, and capacitance wave gauges. Calibration equipment for oceanographic instruments include temperature +/-0.002 degrees, conductivity to +/-0.003 mS/cm and pressure to +/-0.015%. Stop by the booth to see the new submersible Tide/Wave recorder (TWR-2050) and the Micro-Salinometer (MS-310).
-> Exhibitors List
Booth No. 57
Yasuhide Hara, Sales Director
Phone: +81-3-3503-0918
Fax: +81-3-3503-0920
Email: sales@sankotsusho.co.jp
The Polar Ocean Profiling System (POPS) can effect real time automatic Metrological and Oenological data collection through communications satellite.
POPS’s CTD sensor uses ARGO Profiling Float technology.
This system is easy setup and deploy even under a strict polar environment.

The WAVEX system measures surface wave variables on the basis of digitized sea-cluttering images provided by a standard non-coherent marine radar.
This system is type-approved by the Det Norske Veritas according to their Rules for Classification of Ship and Mobile Offshore Unit under Certificate No.A-7338.

-> Exhibitors List
Booth No. 42
SEA Corporation
IU Building 4F , 2-23 SHIOHAMA , ICHIKAWA-CITY , CHIBA 272-0127, JAPAN
Sales Department
Phone: +81-47-356-4661
Fax: +81-47-356-4822
Email: mailbox@seanet.co.jp
-> Exhibitors List
Booth No. 79
No.5-7,Honmachi,3-chome,Chuo-ku,Osaka 541-8520, Japan
Yasuyuki Yamamoto
Phone: +81-6-6263-2814
Fax: +81-6-6271-6350
Email: y-yamamoto@shimz.co.jp
The new construction techniques that are Hyper well sp method, Hyper junction, Muproo panel and Super cutoff wall method are presented. The Super cutoff wall method is effective to a buried structure for mitigating damage of its floating up due to soil liquefaction by mean of cutoff walls that surround the buried structure.
The effect of the method were confirmed by centrifuge model tests that showed that floating up displacements of the structure with cutoff walls were very little although the displacement of the structure without cutoff walls was very large.
-> Exhibitors List
Booth No. 48
Shipbuilding Research Centre of Japan
KOWA IIDABASHI building 7th floor 2-1-2,Koraku,Bunkyo-ku,Tokyo 112-0004 JAPAN
Floating Structure Engineering Department
Phone: +81-3-3868-7126
Fax: +81-3-3868-7136
Email: m_ohta@srcj.or.jp
Shipbuilding Research Centre of Japan(SRC) is a non-profit foundation established in 1967
with the aim to improve and promote technology. The Floating Structure Engineering Department was established in 2000, the power is directed towards the spread of the Mega-Float methods. Our technical consulting activities,such as floating airports,harbor facilities, an information base,fishing parks,etc. are inntroduced.
-> Exhibitors List
Booth No. 13
Fax: +81-3-5213-7780
Email: a.kawa@snk-ocean.co.jp
-> Exhibitors List
Booth No. 88
The Society of Marine Broad-band Project
1-50 Tsutsuji-ga-oka 1-chome, Akishima-city, Tokyo 196-0012, JAPAN
Strategic Marketing Division
Phone: +81-42-545-3112
Fax: +81-42-545-3113
Email: oda@ak.mes.co.jp
This project aims at realizing of broad-band communications of which motion picture have been gained by communications between land and ship. Research and development for the infrastructure improvement and utility application for high-speed communication are required for promoting this Marine Broad-band Project.
The project intends to realize efficient future systems; high-speed communication infrastructure, safe and effective operating management of ships by connecting internet and intranet. The project is conducted by cooperating among industry-university-authority of which participating institutions are Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology, NTT Communications Corporation, JSAT Corporation, DAI-ICHI ELECTRIC K.K. and Akishima Laboratories (Mitsui Zosen) Inc.
-> Exhibitors List
Booth No. 5
The Society of Naval Architects of Japan, Ocean Engineering Committee
79-7 Tokiwadai Hodogaya Yokohama 240-8501, JAPAN
Yokohama National University Graduate school of Environment and Information Sciences
Phone: +81-45-339-4098
Fax: +81-45-339-4098
Email: m-murai@ynu.ac.jp
It is said that the ocean is the last space of frontier on the earth. Rich and various resources lies under the vast space from a continental shelf to the deep ocean floor. In addition, practical use of the vast ocean space promises not only contribute to economy and social development, but also for the improvement of human life.
The ocean engineering committee of the Society of Naval Architects of Japan shows and introduces our activities on a design/plan of those ocean systems, the hydrodynamics, structure dynamics, and control engineering in TECHNO OCEAN’04.
-> Exhibitors List
Booth No. 83
SPAWAR Systems Center
53560 Hull Street, San Diego 92152-5001, United States of America
Marine Navigation Division POC: John Handal
Phone: +1-619-553-2114
Fax: +1-619-553-2326
Email: john.handal@navy.mil
The SSC Marine Navigation Division develops state-of-the-art bathymetric surveying and integrated shipboard navigation systems. Our Ocean Survey and Navigation Sensor Interface programs consists of the design, development, integration, fielding, and life support of systems for surveying, collecting, and processing ocean-bottom and navigation information. Our experience and expertise have resulted in providing cost-effective, highly reliable and accurate ocean survey and navigation systems.
-> Exhibitors List
Booth No. 9
The Study Group of Aero Aqua Bio- Mechanisms
2-1, Yamadaoka, Suita, Osaka, 565-0871, Japan
Department of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University, Naomi Kato
Fax: +81-6-6879-7594
Email: kato@naoe.eng.osaka-u.ac.jp
Introduction of the Study Group of Aero Aqua-Biomechanisms
Show of Video Film on Motion of Animals in Swimming and Flying, and Biomimetic Robots
Show of Biomimetic Underwater Robot
Show of Published Book by the Study Group
-> Exhibitors List
Booth No. 97
Sumitomo Ocean Development & Engineering Co., Ltd.
11th Floor, Office Tower W, Toriton Square, 1-8-8, Harumi Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 104-0053, Japan
Kazutoshi Shindo, Genral Manager Sales Dept. No.3
Phone: +81-3-5166-0214
Fax: +81-3-5166-0217
Email: k.shindo@sodeco.co.jp
Sumitomo Ocean Development & Engineering Co., Ltd. introduces innovative marine systems of the companies for which it represents including multi beam echo sounders (EM120,EM300,EM3002), single beam echo sounders (EA400,EA600), high accurate acoustic positioning system (HiPAP350,500) of Kongsberg Maritime AS, Parametric Sub Bottom Profiler (TOPAS) of Kongsberg Defense & Aerospace, high accurate fan & cone sonar head (MS1000) of Kongsberg Mesotech Ltd., reliable attitude sensors(MRU6) of Kongsberg Seatex AS and real time 3D imaging sonar (Echoscope) of CodaOctopus Ltd. Products & systems of SOSI and that of InterOcean Systems, inc. are also introduced.
-> Exhibitors List
Booth No. 107
1436-1 Yabata Chigasaki-shi, Kanagawa, 253-0085, Japan
Tetsuo Fukuchi
Phone: +81-467-86-9411
Fax: +81-467-86-9420
Email: sgktf@aol.com
The role of the underwater acoustics in marine environment is introduced in our products. We will display verious products; acoustic data link system, acoustic positioning system, transponder, pinger, transducers. Moreover, exhibition of an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle(AUV) equipped with our products and the demonstration of image transmission by high-speed acoustic data link are also performed.
Our company exhibits jointly with KDDI R&D Laboratories Inc that developed the AUV.
-> Exhibitors List
Booth No. 95
71, Kyomachi, Chuo-ku, Kobe-city, Hyogo 650-0034, JAPAN
Marketing & Sales Department, Kobe branch, Taisei Corporation
Phone: +81-78-332-5523
Fax: +81-78-332-5526
Email: shun-ito@ce.taisei.co.jp
TAISEI are proud to introduce their latest technologies for improving a water environment. They are the Sand Capping Method and the Tidal Flat Re-creation Method.
The former is a new system for sand capping without using sand from outside areas but instead using the upwelling of clean sandy soil from the sea bottom. The latter is a new method constructs tidal flat by using sludge which has been dumped. A field study on tidal flat creation at Osaka bay is currently proceeding.
-> Exhibitors List
Booth No. 50
Technological Research Association of Super Marine Gas Turbine
1-5-14 Nishishinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0003, Japan.
General Affairs Department
Phone: +81-3-3593-3875
Fax: +81-3-3593-3878
Email: smgt@a1.mbn.or.jp
An outline of the research and development for SMGT,which has been developed since 1997 and will become the newest,environmentally friendly and economical gas turbine for next-generation marine propulsion, is displayed.
The SMGT is a regenerative cycle gas turbine with recuperator and applies such many state-of-the-art technologies as lean pre-mixed, pre-vaporized combustion and so on.
Land tests through an experimental unit are steadily demonstrating the high engine performances as expected.
The application of the SMGT for actual ships is expected to encourage advanced marine transportation and the modernization of ships,and a way to the realization is also shown.
-> Exhibitors List
Booth No. 33
Tenix LADS Corporation Pty Ltd.
Second Avenue, Technology Park MAWSON LAKES, 5095,AUSRALIA
Tenix LADS Corporation
Phone: +61-8-8300-4447
Fax: +61-8- 8349-7528
Email: www.tenix.com
Tenix LADS Corporation is the world leader in airborne lidar bathymetric survey services.
Tenix LADS Corporation owns and operates the Laser Airborne Depth Sounder (LADS) lidar system, which is internationally recognised as the fastest, most cost-effective tool for accurate bathymetric survey in complex shallow coastal waters. LADS safely surveys complex areas up to 20 times faster than survey ships and at a fraction of the cost.
Tenix LADS Corporation has been supplying contract survey services to the global market since 1998.
-> Exhibitors List
Booth No. 90
3S Ocean Network Co., Ltd.
4-19-30-1119, Kitasuna, Koto-ku,Tokyo 136-0073, Japan
Marketing Department
Phone: +81-3-3646-6692
Fax: +81-3-3646-6732
Email: ksuguro@3s-ocean.co.jp
3S Ocean Network Co.,Ltd is a leading trading company specializing in Oceanographic and Geophysical applications in Japan. We supply HF raders for monitoring surface current of the ocean manufactured by CODAR Ocean Sensors, MMP(McLane Moored Profiler), MARK78 Sediment traps, RAS time series samplers, WTS large volume in-situ pumps, and glass/steel flotation for mooring buoys by McLane Research Laboratories, 3D Accoustic currentmeter 'MAVS' by NOBSKA and Electromagnetic system by Zonge Engineering & Research Organization are introduced in our booth.
-> Exhibitors List
Booth No. 15
Daini Fuji Building 1-5-15,Utsubo-Honmachi,Nishi-ku,Osaka,550-0004,Japan
Administration Department
Phone: +81-6-6443-3061
Fax: +81-6-6443-7702
Email: ak_takahashi@toa-const.co.jp
Introduction of GNSS(Global Navigation Sattelite System) survey technology for marine construction
-> Exhibitors List
Booth No. 12
3-20-1 Shimizu Orido , Shizuoka 424-8610, JAPAN
Phone: +81-543-34-0411
Fax: +81-543-34-0937
-> Exhibitors List
Booth No. 89
Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology
4-5-7 Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-8477, Japan
Phone: +81-3-5463-0859
Fax: +81-3-5463-0894
Email: h-ishii@s.kaiyodai.ac.jp
Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology was established by merging Tokyo University of Mercantile Marine and Tokyo University of Fisheries on October 1, 2003.
We play a significant role in maritime education within Japan, since both pioneering predecessor universities specialized in related fields based upon traditions of over one hundred years. We will show our various activites on marine science and technology at the booth.
-> Exhibitors List
Booth No. 60
Toho Mercantile Co., Ltd.
Nomura Bldg. 3F, 8-31-11, Oizumigakuencho, Nerima-ku, Tokyo 178-0061, Japan
Sales Dept.
Phone: +81-3-3978-1401
Fax: +81-3-3978-9293
Email: sales@mercan.co.jp
Remote Sensing Technology applied for the measurement of Chlorophyll concentration is presenting by the ChloroPod and ChloroFlow. The In-Vivo absorption principle enables Absolute Measurement by real-time without using algorism of the site like fluorometer. This Non-Contact measurement is the best for the aquaculture to monitor the red tide and blue green algae in the estuaries and reservoir.
Reference: Methane Probe System to measure a dissolved methane concentration for the methane hydrate.
-> Exhibitors List
Booth No. 96
3-7-1,Kanda-Nishiki-cho,Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo 101-8463, Japan
Phone: +81-3-3296-4611
Fax: +81-3-3296-4613
Email: kouhou@toyo-const.co.jp
Our company has proposed various technologies in relation to the ocean preservation and reganaration based on our accumulated experiences and achievements through Marine Civil Works in the inside and outside of Japan. This time,we would like to introduce our various technologies in connection with the ocean environment
-> Exhibitors List
Booth No. 74
TOYO Corporation
1-6, Yaesu 1-chome, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-8284, Japan
3rd Sales Department
Phone: +81-3-3245-1243
Fax: +81-3-3246-0645
Email: ocean@toyo.co.jp
Toyo Corporation carries out sales, together with after-sales services, of various types of excellent Oceanographic & Hydrographic Instruments from US/European manufacturers. In case of Multibeam especially, we are the leading company occupying No. 1 market in Japan.
- Main Principals
AANDERAA, APPLANIX, Applied Acoustic, APPLIED MICROSYSTEMS, CARIS, C-MAX, CodaOctopus, EPC, GeoAcoustics, HYPACK, Innomar, IVS, Klein(SeaBeam), Materials Systems, OIC, Quester Tangent, RESON, TRITON ELICS, VT TSS
-> Exhibitors List
Booth No. 41
The Tsurumi-Seiki Co., Ltd. / Sippican, Inc. / D&A Instrument Company
2-20, 2-chome, Tsurumi-Chuo, Tsurumi-Ku, Yokohama 230-0051, Japan
sales division
Fax: +81-45-521-1717
Email: sales@tsk-jp.com
Experience and knowhow gained from the manufacture of oceanographic instruments currently enables us to expand our contribution to the development of instruments to monitor water quality in dams and rivers.
Oceanographic winch, 'DDVC' that we developed very recently , sub-surface float and XCP enable to make hydrographic survey more accurate with easy operation.
In the limnological field, our Turbidity Sensor measures a wide range of turbidity and of which handiness is more than ever.
-> Exhibitors List
Booth No. 2
Underwater Technology Research Center, Institute of Industrial Science, The University of Tokyo
4-6-1 Komaba, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 153-8505, Japan
Rheem Chang-Kyu
Phone: +81-3-5452-6208
Fax: +81-3-5452-6209
Email: rheem@iis.u-tokyo.ac.jp
Underwater Technology Research Center, established in 1999, exhibits a testbed AUV "Tri-Dog 1" which is working for underwater survey at Kamaishi Port, and introduces various vehicles developed and data measured by them. Exploration of NW Rota 1 Knoll by the newest model "r2D4", mapping of sea floor by side scanning SONAR and interferometry SONAR, and automatic following of sperm whales using their vocalization, are examples of topics of AUV applications.
We are also developing long-term seafloor geodetic observation networks for detecting ocean crustal movements, swath bathymetry survey system with synthetic aperture technique, sea surface measurement by using active microwave remote sensing and in situ gene analysis systems based on micro-fluidic technologies
-> Exhibitors List
Booth No. 69
Port and e Marine Environment Research Institute Environment Resesrch Department
Phone: +81-3-5443-5386
Fax: +81-3-5443-5412
Email: wavemaster@wave.or.jp
In WAVE, production of exchange network with people which are contributing to people and the environmental reproduction of a port and ocean space related to development and use of the port persons concerned or waterfront, or preservation is planned.
In this booth, the publication published from exhibition and the foundation of the panel in which the operating outline of a foundation etc. was described is exhibited.
-> Exhibitors List
Booth No. 6
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Yamaguchi University
2-16-1 Tokiwadai, Ube, Yamaguchi 755-8611, Japan
Hyraulics and Water Environmental Engineering Laboratory
Phone: +81-836-85-9317
Fax: +81-836-85-9301
Email: khadano@yamaguchi-u.ac.jp
This system transfers the energy of water wave motion into a uni-directional rotation of the shaft using the combination of pulley-wire-float-counterweight-rachet mechanism. It structurally separates the energy intaking float and the power transfoming & transmitting mechanical part. Thus it has solved the major structual problems and has made the management far easier than the former ones. Also, since the structure is simple and it can be set on the existing structure such as the breakwater or floating structure, it can greatly reduce the cost and is expected as one of the most promising systems. Also, it can make the above structures have energy producing function.
-> Exhibitors List
Booth No. 103
2500 Shingai , Iwata , Shizuoka 438-8501, Japan
New Business Operation UV Project
Phone: +81-538-32-2978
Fax: +81-538-32-5129
Email: masudayu@yamaha-motor.co.jp
Yamaha Motor has developed Autonomous Ground(UGV)/ Aerial(UAV)/ Marine(UMV) Vehicles for Security/ Environmental Observation Applications.
UGV/ UMV have been developed based on Yamaha UAV technologies.
Here, we display:
(1) UMV-H ( High Speed Type )
Attaching ROV (underwater camera)/Side-Scan Sonar/ CCD camera
(2) UMV-O ( Ocean Type ) Model
For unmanned observation of Air/ Water quality within 200 mile area from coast line
-> Exhibitors List
Booth No. 52
YSI/Nanotech Inc.
Esta Building 1-15-4, Kaizuka, Kawasaki-ku, Kawasaki City, Kanagawa 210-0014, Japan
Sales Dept.
Phone: +81-44-222-0009
Fax: +81-44-222-1102
Email: ishizuka@nanotech.co.jp
Under the recent increasing concern to the water environment, YSI/Nanotech keeps supplying the high accuracy and stable instruments to measure the water quality and quantity. We display the water quality and current measurement instruments.
You should find in our booth water quality monitoring systems for both long term monitoring and handy sampling. Acoustic Doppler current meter series covers realtime and unattended monitoring plus pulse coherent mode. Also, AquaDataService is introduced which collect field data and the users will be able to monitor in our web site.
-> Exhibitors List
Booth No. 35
Hankyu Express Tokyo Building 4F,3-9,Shinbashi 3-Chome,Minato-ku,Tokyo 105-0004, Japan.
Fax: +81-3-5511-7158
Email: overseas@zenilite.co.jp

Email: tokyo@zenilite.co.jp
Zeni Lite Buoy Co., Ltd. has been developing many specialized buoys that are suitable for various purposes and different marine environments.
One of these specialized buoys Zeni Lite Buoy has developed is a drifting buoy that enables to obtain information on tidal current economically and easily. The Lagrange method is applied. The data from the buoy is very important to understand and to predict current condition. It is also important to verify simulation models of the current that are widely used in recent years.
Another specialized buoy Zeni Lite Buoy has developed is a new system with a single GPS applied to measure information of waves. The system is simple and cost effective. It is possible to measure waves in the oceans by drifting.
-> Exhibitors List
Booth No. 99
Zevulun Marine Systems Ltd.
Avnei Eitan 15, Ramat Hagolan 12925, Israel
Eli Bar-Hai
Phone: +972-4-676-3863
Fax: +972-4-676-2682
Email: sales@aquamate.biz
Zevulun Marine Systems Ltd. manufactures underwater electrical connectors, cable assemblies and cable terminations for the offshore, scientific, and military markets. Zevulun specializes in custom design of connector solutions including retro-fitting of obsolete equipment for submarines, ROVs, oceanographic instrumentation, etc. The company is certified by DNV to ISO 9001:2000. Zevulun is represented in Japan by Sigma Tec Inc. of Kunitachi City, Tokyo. At the OTO '04 exhibition the company will display its range of Aquamate underwater pluggable connectors, rubber and polyurethane terminations, and custom applications.

Organizer's Booth

Booth No. 201
IEEE/Oceanic Engineering Society
114 South Fork Court Hertford, NC 27944, USA
Kenneth Ferer
Fax: +1-252-426-5135
Email: kferer@earthlink.net
Our objectives are scientific, literary, and educational in character. The Society’s field of interest includes all applications of electrical and electronic engineering pertaining to all bodies of water, be it river, lake or ocean. Included are the design, testing and application of water-oriented systems, subsystems, and components. This includes scientific, technical and industrial applications, or other activities that contribute to the field, or utilize the techniques or products of the field. And just as importantly, we stress the maintenance of high professional standards among our members and affiliates. This work is accomplished through a dedicated group of volunteers who serve as officers, board members, publishing staff, technical paper reviewers, etc.
-> Exhibitors List
Booth No. 202
Marine Technology Society
5565 Sterrett Place, Suite 108, Columbia MD, USA
Emily Speight
Fax: +1-410-884-9060
Email: mtsmbrship@erols.com
The Marine Technology Society is an international, not for profit professional Society serving the diverse interests of the ocean community. Technical areas of expertise include: advanced marine technology, marine law and policy, ocean engineering, and marine resources. Founded in 1963, the Society believes that the advancement of marine technology and the productive, sustainable use of the oceans depend upon the active exchange of ideas between government, industry and academia. The Society fosters learning and information-sharing by holding three annual conferences, numerous technical workshops and symposium, as well as providing online information. The Society publishes a bimonthly newsletter and a quarterly, peer reviewed Journal.
-> Exhibitors List
Booth No. 203
Techno-Ocean Network
C/O Kobe Convention and Visitors Association 6-11-1, Minatojima-nakamachi, Chuo-ku, Kobe 650-0046, Japan
Phone: +81-78-303-7516
Fax: +81-78-302-1870
Email: techno-ocean@kcva.or.jp
"Techno-Ocean" is an international convention relating to marine science and technology that has been held since 1986 as Japan's only biennial exhibition and conference. On this occasion organizations representing industry, government and academia in a broad range of oceanic fields from littoral areas to the deep sea, gather on a cross-sectional basis to exchange information, build new partnerships and create business opportunities.
-> Exhibitors List
Booth No. 204
GET/ENST-Bretagne - Technopole Brest-Iroise - CS 83818 - 29238 BREST, France
: +33-229-001371
Fax: +33-229-001098
Email: rene.garello@enst-bretagne.fr
The Oceans Conference is a major forum for scientists, engineers and end-users throughout the world for presenting the latest research results, ideas, developments and applications in all areas of Oceanic Engineering systems. This conference, on the theme “Today’s technology for a sustainable future”, will provide a review of recent technical advances in oceanic engineering, science and technology.
OCEANS’05 Europe will comprise both a SCIENTIFIC CONFERENCE (oral and poster presentations) and a large State of the Art EXHIBITION in the field of Engineering and Marine Technology. Both will take place in the Brest downtown cozy conference center “Le Quartz”.
Brest in Finistère, the beginning of the world: steep cliffs, long sandy beaches, sharp reefs and the blue of Armor (“land of the Sea”), the hills and green of Argoat (“land of the Woods”). Brest in Brittany, a rich heritage of Breton culture: language, music, dance and a “spirit” – open to the world, curious about others and willing to share its wealth and diversity.
Brest’s geographical location, combined with the know-how of local companies, research institutes and a strong oceanographic tradition have all made Brest a focal point of excellence regarding the Ocean. This situation reinforces, both nationally and internationally, the strong position held by Brest and its region.
-> Exhibitors List
Booth No. 205
OCEANS 2005 MTS/IEEE - Washington, DC, USA
OCEANS 2005 MTS/IEEE Committee 8507 Ivybridge Court Springfield, Virginia 22152 USA
Barry Stamey
Fax: +1-703-610-1563
Email: info@oceans2005.org
Welcome to OCEANS 2005 MTS/IEEE in Washington, DC, USA during September 19-23, 2005. We invite ocean professionals from throughout our global society - government, industry, academia, researchers, educators, and the public - to the future of our "One Ocean." Please meet with us in this landmark conference - to make a difference in the future of our global ocean and participate in this process to engage the future. We will stress the necessity of maximizing our understanding of our ocean, balancing our use and stewardship, and looking forward with new and exciting science and technology. Please visit www.oceans2005.org and we will see you next year in Washington!


Booth No. A
Sea Technology magazine
1501 Wilson Blvd., Suite 1001, Arlington, VA 22209-2403, U.S.A.
C. Amos Bussmann, President/Publisher
Phone: +1-703-524-3136
Fax: +1-703-841-0852
Email: seatechads@sea-technology.com
Published monthly for more than 40 years, Sea Technology is circulated in more than 105 countries and is the worldwide information leader for marine business, science, engineering, diving, and offshore applications for commercial and military marine markets.
-> Exhibitors List
Booth No. B
Hydro International / GITC bv
Nieuwedijk 43, 8531 HK Lemmer, The Netherlands
Marketing department, Wilmiene Bakker
Phone: +31-514-561854
Fax: +31-514-563898
Email: wilmiene.bakker@gitc.nl
GITC bv, a publishing company at the forefront of worldwide information dissemination in the international field of geomatics and hydrography.
GITC publishes besides others;
* Hydro INTERNATIONAL, the worldwide distributed magazine for the hydrographic surveying business.
* The International Hydrographic Review, international journal publishing mainly peer reviewed original works on all aspects of hydrography
* The electronic Chart, this book describes the basic components, functionality, and capabilities and limitations of Electronic Charts
* As it was, a compilation of 'As it Was' columns from the first six volumes of Hydro INTERNATIONAL written by Rear Admiral Mr Steve Ritchie Besides we do offer www.ocean-source.com, the global internet catalogue for companies, providing services and products for the hydrographic and oceanoographic market.
-> Exhibitors List
Booth No. C
Ocean News & Technology Magazine
7897 SW Jack James Dr., #A, Stuart, Florida, 34997, United States
Dan White
Phone: +1-772-221-7720
Fax: +1-772-221-7715
Email: techsystems@sprintmail.com
Technology Systems Corporation (TSC) is the publisher of Ocean News & Technology (ON&T) and Offshore Source magazines. ON&T is an international ocean industry publication and Offshore Source is a U.S. oil and gas publication. In addition, TSC is the organizer for two annual conferences—Offshore Communications (marine communications and EnergyOcean (renewable & sustainable energy from the ocean). TSC also has an online store for marine publications and merchandise at www.seacatalog.com.
-> Exhibitors List
Booth No. 32
The Japan Maritime Daily
19-2, 5 Chome Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0004, Japan
Business & Planning Div.
Phone: +81-3-3436-3222
Fax: +81-3-3436-3247
Email: kaiji@jmd.co.jp
The Japan Maritime Daily was first published in 1942,and is a member of the Japan Newspaper Publishers and Editors Association. It is the representative daily newspaper of comprehensive physical distribution.
The Japan Maritime Daily runs reports on the following topics : the marine transprtation ,cruise industry, warehouse, harbor, international compound transpotation, air cargo.
-> Exhibitors List
Booth No. -
International Ocean Systems
55 High Street, TEDDINGTON, TW11 8HA, UK
Astrid Powell
Phone: +44-20-8943-4288
Fax: +44-20-8943-4312
Email: astrid@divermag.co.uk
The leading European magazine serving and informing the international oceanology market. It covers the field of ocean data gathering, underwater surveying, and instrumentation. A Diver Group publication, IOS is distributed worldwide on a bi-monthly basis.